Jake Cuenca and Baron Geisler “Muntik magsuntukan” in ASAP

Jake Cuenca Revealed He and Baron Geisler “Muntik magsuntukan” in ASAP

Actor Jake Cuenca revealed that he and fellow actor Baron Geisler almost “magsuntukan” on the set of ASAP.

In an interview with the Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP), the actor recalled a violent debate with Baron in which they nearly brawled. They had a misunderstanding on the set of ASAP, according to Jake.

Jake Cuenca Baron Magsuntukan

Fortunately, Star Magic founder Johnny Manahan, often known as “Mr M,” intervened right away to keep the two from injuring each other. Jake admitted on PUSH Bets Live’s “Spill or Swallow” challenge that it was the strangest thing they had ever done.

“I think the craziest thing we’ve done on the set was muntikan na kaming magsuntukan sa labas ng ASAP. And Mr. M was there to stop the fight. And it was in the news!” he shared.

It can be recalled that the two had a violent altercation in 2009 when Baron allegedly defamed and questioned Jake’s subsequent ABS-CBN productions. According to an ABS-CBN News story, Baron said that the actor does not run out of jobs since he has a “gay backer.”

Jake and Baron are now best buddies. In actuality, they’re merely giggling over the previous problem. Following his duel with Baron, the two starred in the television series Tayong Dalawa and the film Lihis. They will now reunite in the new ABS-CBN series The Iron Heart, starring Richard Gutierrez.

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