Joel Lamangan to Create Movie to Opposing Darryl Yap’s “MIM”

Joel Lamangan to Counter Darryl Yap’s Maid In Malacañang Film

Veteran director Joel Lamangan to create a movie allegedly opposing the film of controversial director Darryl Yap’s “Maid In Malacañang”.

The movie “Maid in Malacaang,” which is about the final 72 hours of the Marcoses before they were expelled by the people, will be matched, according to veteran filmmaker Joel Lamangan. He also said that he will see the film.

Joel Lamangan Darryl Movie

But he claims that he will merely watch it to see if the film presents any inaccurate information to the audience. Lamangan claims that the populace should pay attention to what the Marcoses are purportedly doing to alter history.

On his interview, he asserted that the film distorts the truth. The Marcos family has been quite clear that they only wish to convey their tale of how they genuinely dealt with the populace’s ire at the time.

Lamangan is prepared to produce a movie about the purported Maid in Malacaang in order to counter it. “Hindi kami papayag na puro na lang ‘Maid in Malacañang’ ang gagawin nila. Kuwento naman ng taong bayan ang kailangan natin ipakita,” he said.

It is unknown if the plot of the aforementioned film would center on Cory Aquino, the previous president, or People Power in 1986. Lamangan’s plan was met with reaction from Yap’s team.

” Sino ba naman si Direk Darryl kumpara kay Direk Joel Lamangan, all support po kami sa gagawin nyong pelikula! pero para talagang matapatan— dapat po panoorin nyo muna sa August 3 in cinemas worldwide,”said Yap’s camp.

One of the alleged victims of the president’s late father Ferdinand Marcos martial regime is Joel Lamangan. According to his testimony, he was imprisoned and tortured when he was just 16 years old.

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