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Julia Barretto Pregnancy Not True, Victim Of Mistaken Identity?

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Julia Barretto Victim Of Mistaken Identity, Pregnancy News Not True?

JULIA BARRETTO PREGNANCY – According to a source close to actress Julia Barretto, her being pregnant was not true.

Earlier today, former broadcaster Jay Sonza reported that Julia Barretto was pregnant with Gerald Anderson’s child. Julia and Gerlad were previously a topic of controversy following the actress’s break-up with Joshua Garcia.

Since then, the issues between Gerald and Julia died down and Joshua was even talking to her in public on social media. But, controversy bloomed once more following the recent rumors about the actress.

Julia Barretto Pregnancy Not True, Victim Of Mistaken Identity?
Image from: Philnews

However, an article from claimed that Sonza merely had Julia as a victim of mistaken identity. So, the question now is, who was Julia mistaken for?

According to the article, Jay Sonza simply mistook Julia for Janella Salvador who recently confirmed her pregnancy. Still, Sonza looked adamantly sure with the way he reported the news. Furthermore, Janella already broke the news around a week ago which made no sense to report again.

Napatunayan nina Visoy (visayan tisoy) Gerald Anderson at anak nina Dennis Padilla at Marjorie na si Julia Barreto na kapuwa hindi sila baog“, wrote Sonza.

Julia Barretto Pregnancy Not True, Victim Of Mistaken Identity?

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