Kathryn Bernardo’s Anniversary Message For Daniel Padilla Goes Viral

Daniel Padilla, Kathryn Bernardo Celebrate 7th Anniversary

KATHRYN BERNARDO – Young Kapamilya actress Kathryn Bernardo posted a heartfelt anniversary message for actor Daniel Padilla and it went viral on social media.

Among the young couples who are greatly admired by a lot of people are Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo. The two Kapamilya celebrities are loveteam partners and real-life lovers at the same time.

Kathryn and Daniel are usually tagged by their fans and supporters as “KathNiel”. They have done a lot of projects together and it didn’t fail to hook the people and be a hit.


Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo top-billed the hit movies Crazy Beautiful You, Barcelona: A Love Untold, Can’t Help Falling in Love, and The Hows of Us among others.


Recently, the real-life couple celebrated their 7th year anniversary. Kathryn Bernardo took to the social media a heart-melting message for her boyfriend, Daniel Padilla. It went viral.


In her message, the Kapamilya star admitted that she and DJ do not know how they managed to stay in love with each other. According to her, it is not forced and planned but rather it is a decision they make every day.

Kathryn described Daniel by comparing him to the characters he portrayed in the projects they did together. According to her, DJ has Patrick’s natural charm, Gino’s being “genuinely kind and the first person to fight for love”, and Joaquin’s mystery.

She also revealed that her boyfriend is like Dos who is fun and adventurous and as well as Primo who has so much passion in things he does. But, above all, the actress thanked DJ for being him.

Kathryn Bernardo revealed the things Daniel Padilla does to her and as well as some details about their relationship. Here is her social media post (swipe left).


The anniversary message of Kathryn Bernardo for Daniel Padilla went viral on social media. Here are some of the comments on the actress’ post:

@ms.cherrylou: “Sweet.. Happy anniversary to you gorgeous couple.. Stay in love forever”

@delapazingrid: “So sweet!!!!! Happy anniversary love birds!!!”

@ilovekaye: “Cryola ten thousand pieces!!!!!!!!! HAAAAAAAAY.”

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