Kim Chiu Bids Farewell to Her Character in “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim”

In a heartfelt message, Kim Chiu has bid farewell to her character in the Philippine adaptation of “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” as the last episode of the series aired. The series, which has captured the hearts of many viewers, concludes with Chiu reflecting on her journey and expressing her gratitude to those who supported her along the way.

Kim Chiu

“It’s been days since we finished, but I still can’t believe we are now on our last episode,” Chiu wrote on social media. “As I close another character I played, I always learn something or have this takeaway trait that I will keep inside my pocket as I turn my back to that particular role.”

Chiu, known for her versatility and dedication, shared the emotional and professional growth she experienced throughout the project. The 34-year-old actress admitted that she had her share of doubts and fears but chose to trust the process.

“There were so many doubts, confusion, fear, and unsure thoughts, but all I did was trust the process,” she revealed. “Surprisingly, everything went smoothly, and the boat sailed perfectly. I leave my fears and doubts behind.”

The adaptation of the popular Korean drama has been a significant project for Chiu, and her performance has been praised by both fans and critics. As she bids farewell to her character, she acknowledged the collaborative effort that made the series a success.

Kim Chiu extended her gratitude to the series’ director, Chad Vidanes, for his patience and guidance, and to her co-star, Paulo Avelino, for his support during the challenging times.

“Thank you to the captain of our ship, Direk Chad, for the patience and guidance throughout the series and to my leading man, Paulo, for accepting the role and having my back during those tough days,” she said.

She also expressed her heartfelt thanks to the Viu Philippines team and the late Deo Edrinal, a significant figure in her career and the entertainment industry.

“I know you are watching us from up above. I hope we made you proud. We miss you, and this project is for you,” Chiu added.

Chiu’s farewell message has resonated with her fans, who have supported her throughout her career and the series. As “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” comes to an end, her portrayal of the beloved character will remain a cherished memory for many.

This adaptation has showcased the talents of Filipino actors and the capability of local production teams to deliver high-quality content. Kim Chiu’s journey with “Secretary Kim” may have ended, but the impact of her performance and the series itself will continue to inspire and entertain.

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