Luis Manzano Reveals Jessy Mendiola Used to Call Him “Kuyang Manyak”

Jessy Mendiola Allegedly Used to Call Luis Manzano “Kuyang Manyak”

LUIS MANZANO – Actor and TV host revealed that his wife Jessy Mendiola used to call him “Kuyang Manyak”.

In the recent vlog of Luis on his YouTube channel, they discussed fate, or the “tadhana” of two people to be together, with his wife Jessy Mendiola, together with Edu Manzano and Cherry Pie Picache. The was titled PieDu Love Story Update.

Luis Manzano Kuyang Manyak

In the video, Luis said that he believes that what happened between his father and Cherry Pie was destined because after several years, they reconnected. Then, Luis mentioned what happened to him and his wife.

Ang itinadhana ay talagang mangyayari. Sino bang mag-aakala ang tawag (ni Jessy) sa akin dati ‘kuyang manyak’?” the TV host said.

According to the actress, Jessy felt easily envious of or “selosa” to Luis since he had many female acquaintances, which encourages her to call him “manyak.” Jessy agreed with this and gave an explanation for why she used to call her husband “kuyang manyak.”

 “Totoo iyon, kaya ako selosa. Kaya ako selosa nung first two years namin kasi (si Luis) smooth talker, ganyan, ang daming kaibigan na babae, yung very ano… out there. So, parang ako yung, ‘ang manyak naman nito’ kaya (malapit) sa mga babae,” the actress said.

Although he has many female acquaintances, Luis made it clear that he does not have a flirty demeanor. Even the TV host made a tongue-out gesture. He claimed that to his pals, he is simply “palabiro.”

Cherry Pie then said that Edu and Luis truly are that way. Edu then playfully remarked that he is proud of the “tongue out,” which Luis acquired from him.

After dating for almost five years, Jessy and Luis got married last year. The duo typically records their joint vlogs in addition to their separate projects.

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