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What This Malaysian Girl Can Allegedly Do For Guy Will Surely Surprise You!

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A Malaysian girl is allegedly willing to pay a large amount of money for another girl to break up with her boyfriend.

MALAYSIAN GIRL – A certain Joey Tan allegedly took to the social media screen captures of a conversation that sparked between Jocye Lee and Danny and his lover.

Based on a recent report in World of Buzz, citing Moretify, Jocye Lee consistently sends the guy tagged as “Danny” messages and photos of her on the online platform.

Although Danny does not bother to reply to her messages, she allegedly kept on updating him with her everyday activities.

Malaysian Girl
Photo Source: Moretify

Based on the report, the Malaysian girl kept on reaching out to the guy that finally he bothered to reply to her.

In his response to Jocye, Danny asked her not to bother him anymore. He stated that he does not know what to tell her.

I’ve blocked all your social media accounts but you still managed to find me,” he said to her.

Danny tagged her as “amazing” for being able to do so. He asked her to stop from sending him messages and photos as he does not want to see it.

However, it seems like Jocye is really persistent. Based on the report, she kept on disturbing Danny and his girlfriend.

She told the guy that she can open a new account in case he would block her. Moreover, the girl stated that she also has “multiple sim cards” and she can call Danny.

Based on the report, it even led to the point that the girlfriend of Danny told Jocye that the guys will never be hers.

“Why should I break up with him? Just because you are rich? So you want to use your money to buy his love?” Danny’s girlfriend told Joyce.

Moreover, the girlfriend also asked about the RM1 million that Joyce allegedly offered her before in exchange of breaking up with Danny.

She also offered a deal to Jocye that she will pay her so she would disappear.

Based on the report, Jocye did not stop from sending Danny, her friend for more than two decades already, messages.

It is stated that Jocye is already 38 years old although she looks very young.


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