Mariel Padilla Faces Criticism Over Gluta-Drip Appointment in Senator Robin Padilla’s Office

Mariel Padilla, a well-known figure in the entertainment industry, has recently found herself embroiled in controversy due to her regular gluta-drip sessions. What stirred the pot even more was the location of her latest session: her husband, Senator Robin Padilla’s office in the Senate.

Mariel Padilla Gluta Session at Senate

On February 21, 2024, Mariel, along with numerous other celebrities, converged at the Senate for the passage of the Eddie Garcia Bill. Amidst her hectic schedule, Mariel decided to follow through with her gluta-drip appointment, opting to have it administered while waiting for the Senate session to commence.

In a now-deleted post, Mariel shared a snapshot of herself undergoing the procedure, with her husband Robin Padilla visible in the background. She captioned the photo with a light-hearted remark, stating, “Drip in anywhere is our motto! Hehehe. I had an appointment with @dripinluxeph but I was going to be late so I had it done in my husband’s office hehe.”

While Mariel expressed the benefits she perceives from the gluta-drip, emphasizing its role in collagen production, whitening, energy, metabolism, and immunity, her post received a wave of criticism from netizens after it was reposted by a website.

The backlash stemmed from various angles. Some questioned the appropriateness of receiving such a procedure in a government office, raising concerns about potential misuse of public resources or the perception of special privileges afforded to influential individuals.

Furthermore, critics pointed out the potential message it sends regarding beauty standards and the pressure on individuals, particularly women, to undergo such procedures to meet societal expectations.

Mariel’s post may have been deleted, but screenshots circulated on social media, prolonging the discussion and criticism surrounding the incident.

Negative Comments on Mariel Post

This incident serves as a reminder of the scrutiny public figures face and the importance of exercising discretion, particularly in matters that intersect personal choices with public perception. While Mariel may have intended to share a light-hearted moment, the context in which it occurred has sparked a broader conversation about ethics, responsibility, and the boundaries between private life and public office.

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