MTRCB Introduces “PRIBYUHAN” a Reliable Weekly Movie Rating Guide

The agency has been embroiled in controversy following its 12-day suspension of the noontime show “It’s Showtime” for one of its segments, involving Ion Perez and Vice Ganda. However, despite this, MTRCB continues to fulfill its role, such as the “Responsible Panonood Campaign,” aimed at guiding parents in teaching their children proper television and movie viewing. This weekend, in several locations in Negros Occidental, it was held with MTRCB Chair Lala Sotto in attendance.

Mtrcb Pribyuhan

A part of MTRCB’s “Responsible Panonood Campaign” is “PRIBYUHAN,” which aims to inform viewers about the classifications or ratings of a movie that are suitable for them, especially for their children.

Here are some of the primary classifications by MTRCB:

  1. G – General Audience: This movie is family-friendly and suitable for all ages. It contains no violence, sexual themes inappropriate for children, or explicit language.
  2. PG – Parental Guidance: It may be watched by children with their parents or guardians. It may contain mild violence or themes not suitable for children.
  3. R-13 – Restricted 13: It is recommended for viewers aged 13 and above. It may contain intense themes or content not suitable for children.
  4. R-16 – Restricted 16: Viewers should be 16 years old or above. It may contain sensitive themes not suitable for children and a higher level of violence.
  5. R-18 – Restricted 18: Viewers should be 18 years old or above. It may contain extreme violence, sexual themes, or elements not suitable for children.
  6. X – For Adults Only: This is intended for viewers aged 18 and above only. It includes high levels of sexuality, violence, and other content not suitable for minors.
MTRCB Controversy

Proper guidance and teaching from parents are necessary so that our children can understand what they are watching on television or in movies. Some scenes, especially sensual ones, as seen in the case of Vice Ganda and his partner Ion Perez on “It’s Showtime,” may not be appropriate for them. While we may have different interpretations of the events, it is still important, in the end, to provide the right guidance to our children.

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