Hugot Songs: 15 OPM Hits For The Brokenhearted


Here are the 15 OPM Hugot Songs for the brokenhearted

This is a compilation of OPM hugot songs for the brokenhearted as Filipinos are known to be music lovers and so attached to their emotions, especially to the feeling of losing someone they love.

hugot songs

1 Let Me Be The One

This is a song about someone’s desire to take the first step of letting go but in reality it’s otherwise.

Last part of the chorus could be the most remarkable line: “So, I’m telling you I love you one last time and goodbye…”

2 Why Can’t It Be?

This song best describes the hugot line “pinagtagpo pero hindi tinadhana”.

3 Kung Ako Na Lang Sana

Hoping for someone’s affection is the theme of this hugot song. But the sad truth is that one can never force anyone to show the same affection.

4 Bakit Nga Ba Mahal Kita

Not all people are fortunate enough to be loved back but some continue to love no matter what. This song best describes that feeling.

5 Before I Let You Go

Letting go is not that easy for many who have experienced loving someone so deeply. This song will somehow ease that pain of realization.

6 Someday

This hugot song somehow shows the strength of someone with the hope that he or she will find the right person.

7 Di Lang Ikaw

Conflicts in a relationship is the theme of this song. It shows the reality in a life of a couple that hardships will come along the way.

8 Mahal Ko O Mahal Ako

Who to choose? Someone you love or the one who loves you? This is a classic example of “turn between two lovers.”

9 Sa Kanya

Still hoping, still longing for the one you love, still loving the person who is not yours anymore. This hugot song is one the ultimate heartbreak songs.

10 Bakit Pa Ba

This song showcases the repentance of someone who hurt the person he or she loves.

11 Tell Me

“Tell me, where did I go wrong, what did I do to make you change your mind completely?” This heartbreak song is about someone’s emotion about not knowing what happened to the relationship.

12 Migraine

This song shows the realization that his or her dream love is still uncertain. “Oo nga pala, hindi nga pala tayo.”

13 I Love You Goodbye

Another heartbreak song about “not meant to be”. “I could say that I’ll be all you need but that would be a lie… I’m not the one you needed, I love you, goodbye.”

14 Paano Ba Magmahal

Love hurts as they say but for some it still an unbreakable cycle.

15 Kunin Mo Na Ang Lahat Sa Akin

This song pleads to someone not to take the one he or she loves.

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