Netizens Call Out Heart, Says Pizza Was “Ugliest Form Of Wealth”

Netizens Call Out Heart Evangelista For “Ugliest Form Of Wealth-Signaling”

NETIZENS CALL OUT HEART – Heart Evangelista, a known fashionista, is being outed on social media for her recent uploads featuring pizza and fries.

Surely, showing off pizza and fries on social media wouldn’t get much attention. However, in the case of Heart, her twist on the classic pizza and fries didn’t sit well with some netizens.

Instead of your regular cut fries, heart made her own Chanel-inspired fry shapes. Meanwhile, she also used the Chanel logo on the pepperoni toppings on her pizza.

Netizens Call Out Heart, Says Pizza Was "Ugliest Form Of Wealth"

Because of this, netizens were divided on whether or not Heart’s recent post was “distasteful and tacky”. Additionally, people were now comparing Heart with Jinkee Pacquiao who also likes to show-off designer items.

Here are some of their responses:

Meanwhile, others believe that the fries and pizza simply had shapes added on top of them. Netizen Sweeney Teng commented:

They’re shapes, on food. Non issue gagawing issue. Mas concerning pa yung government officials illegally redtagging citizens. And si dolomite beach. Oh and Philhealth, haller

Shape lang naman ng food yan why make an issue out of it? lmao it’s not like product mismo ng Chanel yan lol umiiyak kayo agad. You can make one in your own kitchen too if you’re so mad about it

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