Netizens Labeled Mariel Padilla’s Post of Robin Padilla and Regine Velasquez Kissing as a Diversionary Tactic

Mariel Padilla’s recent post, featuring an old video of Robin Padilla and Regine Velasquez kissing, seems to have fallen flat, as it was labeled a diversionary tactic by netizens. The video, captured during a past event or movie promotion when social media wasn’t as prevalent, failed to stir the intended reaction.

Mariel Padilla

In her caption, Mariel Padilla expressed amusement at being tagged numerous times and even compared the attention to receiving more tags than an IV drip. She playfully asked if everyone was happy now that she had shared the video, tagging Ogie Alcasid as well, seemingly in jest.

Mariel recently courted controversy after creating a scene at Senator Robin Padilla’s office, where she administered her own Gluta Drip and seemingly endorsed it, garnering attention from the Department of Health (DOH). Following backlash on social media and DOH’s strong opposition to the use of glutathione for skin whitening, Robin Padilla clarified that Mariel injected Vitamin C instead and apologized for the incident.

With her latest post, Mariel once again captured the attention of netizens, but this time, it invited more criticism and backlash.

Netizens On Mariel Padilla

The term “diversionary tactic” suggests that Mariel’s post may have been an attempt to divert attention away from recent controversies or to stir up a different kind of conversation. However, it appears to have backfired, as it only reignited criticism and scrutiny.

While Mariel may have intended to lighten the mood or distract from negative attention, the choice of content and timing may not have been well-received by the online community. Instead of shifting focus away from past controversies, the post served as a reminder and reignited discussions surrounding Mariel’s recent actions and public statements.

In the realm of social media, where every post is scrutinized and dissected by the public, it’s essential for public figures like Mariel Padilla to carefully consider the implications of their online activity. What may seem like a harmless or humorous post can quickly escalate into a full-blown controversy, as seen in this case.

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