Niño Muhlach Sells FAMAS Trophy to Boss Toyo for PHP 500,000

In a recent transaction that captured the attention of Filipino entertainment enthusiasts, former child actor, and entrepreneur Niño Muhlach sold one of his prestigious Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences (FAMAS) trophies to Boss Toyo for PHP 500,000. Boss Toyo, a well-known content creator and collector, regards the trophy as “priceless” and plans to feature it in a museum he is establishing.

Niño Muhlach

The sale occurred during an episode of “Pinoy Pawnstars” last Monday, where Boss Toyo and Muhlach negotiated the deal in Quezon City. Muhlach, personally delivering the trophy, stressed the importance of its upkeep. “Aalagaan mo yan, irerestore mo yan [Take care of that, restore it],” Muhlach instructed Boss Toyo.

The FAMAS trophy is one of five Best Child Performer awards Muhlach received during his illustrious career. Boss Toyo expressed his intention to restore the award to its former glory and display it in his museum, where it will join another notable acquisition: an award from former child actor Jiro Manio, which he purchased a few months earlier.

Muhlach revealed that Boss Toyo had reached out to him with an interest in acquiring the trophy. After considering the proposal, Muhlach decided to part with the award under the condition that Boss Toyo would restore and prominently feature it in his museum. “I decided to give it to him, pero big deal, kailangan alagaan niya and i-restore nya and ilagay nya sa museum nya, dahil hindi ko na naalagaan. Yun ang deal namin [I decided to give it to him, but

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