‘O’ Movie Goes R-18 Due To ‘Sensitive’ Scenes of Anna Luna

Jasmine Curtis Smith and Sarah Carlos said in an interview last Friday during the Gala Night of O that there were scenes of Anna Luna that were “private” and “sensitive part” of the film.

Instagram photo from @annajluna

The two actresses from the said movie shared these reasons why “O” received R-18 mark for their entry in this year’s Cinema One Originals Film Festival. “I think hindi talaga nag-hold back si Direk Kevin with how wanted to really portray the language, pati na rin yung mga eksena na ginawa mostly ni Anna. So ‘yon,” Jasmine explained.

Sarah clarified that the rating they received was not because of the character’s private parts, but because of the entire scene from the film. “It’s not that type of R-18, it’s more of like how –yung message, yung content. Hindi siya hubaran or anything. Yung content ng mismong eksena, medyo confronting,” Sarah said.

Both Jasmine and Sarah admitted that they didn’t regret what the film had received from the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB).

I belive yung audience na rin na na-capture ng Cinema One in general parang very open naman sila and I think last year yung ginawa ko rin is R-18, so parang I’m comfortable naman na there’s an audience with these types of film,” Jasmine said. “And hindi naman siya ipapasa kung walang confidence ang mga Cinema One heads natin.

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