Ogie Diaz Confirms Pokwang, Lee O’brian Split: “Last November 2021 pa”

Ogie Diaz Reveals the Split of Pokwang and Husband Lee O’brian

Showbiz columnist and talent manager Ogie Diaz confirmed the split of comedienne Pokwang and her foreign husband Lee O’brian.

The connection between Marietta Subong, also known as “pokwang,” and her foreign husband was discussed on the most recent episode of Ogie Diaz with Mama Loi and Dyosa Pockoh’s Showbiz Update. According to Ogie Diaz, Pokwang and Lee O’brian separated in November 2021.

“Last 2021 wala na at hiwalay na si Pokwang at si Lee O’brian,” confirmed Pokwang’s friend Ogie.

Pokwang Lee O'brian Split

In the video, one of the topics discussed was the netizen’s question about the celebrity mom’s alleged independence in her business, with her husband Lee previously working with her.

Ogie went on to say that Lee has supposedly split up with the actress and her two kids. He’s now single, working, and planning to return to the US (United States), according to Ogie.

The talent manager claims that the couple’s troubled relationship is what led to their decision to file for divorce. The Pokwang, though, is said to have claimed that they parted ways amicably.

Lee is co-parenting their daughter Malia even though he is already divorced from his wife and daughter. The celebrity mom married Lee in 2015. Pokie reassured Ogie that she was accustomed to being by herself. With or without a spouse, the 51-year-old famous mom is currently concentrating on her two young children.

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