Pinoy Teleseryes’ Most Dramatic Scenes Under The Rain

These are proofs that rain played a major factor in Pinoy teleseryes’ dramatic scenes

Pinoy teleseryes have become a big part of television routine of Filipino viewers throughout the years.

From drama to action and a bit of humor, Pinoys are so eager to know what will happen next to their favorite teleserye characters.

One of the major factor that a dramatic scene could have is the rain. Several Pinoy teleseryes have already featured a dramatic scene under the rain.

Here are some of them, based on the article published in PEP.

‘On The Wings Of Love’ of Nadine Lustre and James Reid 

(Photo source: PEP)

Clark (James) gave Leah (Nadine) an intimate kiss. This scene happened when Leah was Clark was going out with another women which was just the result of her date with another man.

Leah followed Clark outside the bar despite of heavy rain. Nadine’s character was surprised that James’ character was behind her.

She then asked him why she left his date. “May nagsabi sa akin, kapag mahal ka, babalikan ka,” Clark said and gave Leah an intimate kiss.

‘Destined To Be Yours’ of Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards

(Photo source: PEP)

Benjie (Alden) and Sinag (Maine) got lost in the forest. This incident made them fight.

Sinag threatened Benjie that she will love but as they argued with each other, it started to rain.

Maine’s character immediately went back inside the car of Alden’s character.

Benjie took his wet shirt off to change and Sinag looked away.

“Pwede mo namang tignan,” Benjie said to Sinag. The lady tried to hide her smile and said “Akala mo naman, may abs ka! Laki ng tiyan mo, huy!”

‘Forevermore’ of Liza Soberno and Enrique Gil

(Photo source: PEP)

This is one of the memorable scene under the rain in Pinoy teleseryes. The characters of Liza and Enrique proved that there is “forever”.

Agnes (Liza) went to Mt. Pulag alone but still wishing Xander (Enrique) is with him despite the fact they already broke up.

It was the final episode, the rain added sadness to Agnes as she was declaring her love for Xander.

Then she suddenly heard his voice because he followed her.

At Mt. Pulag, Xander proposed to Agnes. After she said yes, Xander shouted “May forever!”

‘Kambal, Karibal’ scene of Kyline Alcantara

(Photo source: PEP)

Cheska (Kyline) was possessed by Crisel (Pauline Mendoza) and after the latter found it out, she went outside the hospital.

Crisel saw that it was raining and her childhood memories came to her mind.

She was not allowed to play in the rain because of her illness when she was younger. Crisel did not thought that she was just using the body of Chezka.

With that, Cheska’s mother Geraldine (Carmina Villarroel) was surprised of what she did.

‘Ang Probinsyano’ of Coco Martin

Pinoy Teleseryes
(Photo source: PEP)

Joaquin (Arjo Atayde) plotted a revenge against Cardo (Coco) during his wedding with Alyanna (Yassi Pressman).

Joaquin kidnapped Alyanna when it was raining and tried to rape her but Cardo came to the rescue.

The two men had an epic fight under the rain and it ended when Cardo stabbed Joaquin in the neck, based on the article.

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