Pokwang Challenged The 1000 Pesos Weekly Meal Plan of Neri Naig

In recent weeks, it seems that the issue regarding Neri Naig’s 1000 Peso 1 Week Meal Plan controversy has not yet died down. Neri Naig introduced her meal plan on social media, and it quickly went viral. However, it wasn’t just ordinary citizens who voiced their opinions; even prominent personalities got involved.

Chito Neri Miranda

In a statement by Chito Miranda, Neri Naig’s husband, he mentioned that the meal plan had a purpose if people understood it properly. This led to concern and surprise when he recently posted his disappointment on social media. In the end, the couple decided to delete the said post to put an end to the controversy and attempt to create a new post that would be better understood by the public.

Dr. Raquel Fortun, a renowned Pathology doctor, also didn’t hold back and gave her reaction to the mentioned post. This shows that the impact of this controversy runs deep across various sectors of society.

Dr Raquel Fortun

Most of the negative reactions from people may be attributed to the ongoing rise in commodity prices. With fluctuations in fuel and transportation costs, it seems even more challenging for families to make ends meet. Reaching a budget of 1000 pesos for a week’s worth of food in this situation is increasingly difficult.

Pokwang, a well-known comedian, also shared a video where she displayed the contents of her 1000 peso budget. This included rice, fish, vegetables, sardines, and onions, and she referred to it as the “1000 Peso Challenge,” in line with Neri Naig Miranda’s budget. Pokwang mentioned her intention to create a video showing how many days her purchased food would last for a week.

Pokwang 1k Challenge

Despite this controversy, it may serve as an opportunity for a deeper understanding of the challenges that Filipino families face in meeting their food needs. We hope that despite these challenges, there will be greater collaboration in finding solutions to the problems our society faces.

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