Pokwang Sparks Vital Conversation on Expressway Health Services: The Need for Pharmacies Beyond Eateries

The well-known comedian and actress Pokwang recently raised an important question about the lack of pharmacies at gas stops on expressways. During her travels, Pokwang noticed that almost all of these stops had eateries but were lacking in drugstores, especially pharmacies.


Pokwang’s observation of this deficiency prompts a profound reflection on the importance of having pharmacies on expressways. This is an intelligent examination of the services offered to passenger vehicles, which prioritize eateries but neglect health needs.

The role of pharmacies is crucial in daily life, especially during emergencies. During journeys, unexpected situations such as illness, accidents, or any incidents requiring immediate response may occur. Having pharmacies at gas stops on expressways could be the solution to such needs.

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In times of urgency, quick access to medicines and health necessities can bring significant hope and relief to travelers. If there are pharmacies on expressways, obtaining essential medications or remedies, especially when a person needs immediate medical assistance, becomes more convenient.

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There is also an aspect of health education that can be promoted if pharmacies become more accessible at gas stops on expressways. This could serve as a platform for campaigns promoting health awareness and the proper use of medications.

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Pokwang’s important observation raises awareness about the significance of health care, especially for passengers on expressways. Studying such aspects of public service can serve as inspiration for authorities to provide more meaningful health services on expressways, not only for the present but also for the future.

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