Rendon Labador and Rosmar Tan of Team Malakas Release Public Apology Video

Team Malakas, composed of Rosmar Tan and Rendon Labador, has released a video to explain their reaction to a controversial post by a municipal staff member in Coron, Palawan. In the video, they also apologized to the staff member, who had previously issued a public apology to them.

Team Malakas

Controversy and Social Media Clash

The issue began when Rosmar Tan and Rendon Labador allegedly scolded a municipal staff member over a social media post. The post expressed the staff member’s disappointment with the long wait and hunger experienced by attendees at a charity event organized by Tan and Labador. According to the post, the delay was caused by Tan and Labador’s tardiness, which angered many netizens.

Furthermore, there were accusations that the staff member’s complaint was due to not receiving a supposed bribe of three thousand pesos. These statements fueled public outrage, leading some to support the proposal to declare Tan and Labador persona non grata in Coron.

Video Apology and Acceptance of Possible Declaration

In their video, Rosmar Tan and Rendon Labador explained their side of the story. They apologized to the staff member and the people of Coron who were inconvenienced and disappointed by the incident. Rosmar Tan stated that if the local government of Coron deems it appropriate to declare them persona non grata, they would accept it willingly.

Rendon Labador also expressed his hope that they would not be declared persona non grata, as he still wishes to bring his family to Coron. He hopes they will be allowed to correct their mistake and show their sincerity in asking for forgiveness.

Public reactions on social media continue. Many have expressed support for the municipal staff and the local government of Coron. Some believe that Tan and Labador’s apology was necessary and that they should demonstrate their responsibility as public figures.

This issue serves as a reminder to social media personalities to be cautious with their actions and statements. Their movements are often closely watched and significantly influence their followers. Ultimately, humility and acceptance of mistakes are essential steps in regaining public trust.

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