Rendon Labador to Yexel Sebastian: “Kayong mag asawang scammer sa prisinto nalang mag paliwanag”

Rendon Labador slams Yexel Sebastian and his wife

RENDON LABADOR – The infamous social media personality criticized Yexel Sebastian, who is being accused of scamming their investors.

Yexel and his partner Mikee Agustin are currently under scrutiny online due to accusations made by various content creators. These content creators claim that the couple deceived them into investing, promising substantial monthly interest rates.

A certain Priscilla LaFountain expressed her concerns in a Facebook post and called upon Yexel and Mikee to honor their commitment of paying the guaranteed monthly interest. She pointed out that it has been two months since they received any payment. Priscilla emphasized that people, including overseas Filipino workers, individuals residing abroad, and those in the Philippines, who entrusted their funds to Mikee and Yexel, are desperately seeking communication with them.

Priscilla stressed that they had direct dealings with the influencer couple and hoped for transparent communication. She also mentioned that Yexel had blocked her, and Mikee had unfriended her on her personal Facebook account. Priscilla questions why this situation is occurring despite conducting their transactions correctly. She desires a civil and stress-free means of communication with the couple.

Another content creator, Mommy Joy Vlogs, shared that Yexel and Mikee had allegedly promised a 5% monthly interest rate, equivalent to a significant 60% annually, for their investment in cryptocurrency. Joy appealed to the couple to clarify the situation to the investors and return their money.

Yexel Sebastian has broken his silence on the accusations made against him. In a Facebook post, he mentioned: “People wala pa kaming statement ha, paalala lang Ayaw ko lang bumalik sa inyo mga sinasabi nyo hindi nyo pa alam ang TUNAY na kwento.”

Among those who reacted on his post is no less than Rendon Labador. In the comment section, he noted: “Kayong mag asawang scammer sa prisinto nalang mag paliwanag”

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