“Rewind”: Filipino Box Office Sensation Set to Enthrall Audiences on Netflix This March 25th

“Rewind,” the record-breaking Filipino cinematic gem, is set to make its debut on Netflix come March 25th, marking a significant milestone for Filipino cinema enthusiasts worldwide.


Netflix, the global streaming giant, recently unveiled the exciting news via its official social media handles. In a tweet posted on Thursday, Feb. 22, the platform declared, “Sa susunod na habang buhay… ay mapapanood niyo na ang Rewind, starring Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes, sa Netflix,” accompanied by captivating stills from the film.

Directed by the esteemed Mae Cruz-Alviar, “Rewind” intricately weaves a narrative around John (portrayed by Dingdong), a conceited husband who, alongside his trusty friend Lods (played by Pepe Herrera), embarks on a journey to “rewind” his tumultuous marriage with Mary (brought to life by Marian) amidst unforeseen domestic challenges. This cinematic masterpiece serves as a long-awaited reunion for DongYan (Dingdong and Marian) on the silver screen, rekindling the magic they last shared in the beloved romantic comedy “You to Me Are Everything” back in 2010.

Co-produced by Agosto Dos Productions and APR Entertainment, “Rewind” swiftly etched its name in history by surpassing the remarkable milestone of P900 million in box office revenue this January. This extraordinary feat not only solidifies its status as the highest-grossing Filipino film of all time but also positions it as a cinematic juggernaut, outshining notable contenders like “Hello, Love, Goodbye” (starring Alden Richards and Kathryn Bernardo) and “The House of Us” (featuring Bernardo alongside Daniel Padilla).

The arrival of “Rewind” on Netflix’s esteemed platform signifies a momentous occasion for both the film industry and avid viewers alike. Its inclusion in Netflix’s diverse catalog promises to extend its reach far beyond geographical boundaries, allowing audiences worldwide to savor the magic of Filipino cinema at their convenience.

As the anticipation builds towards its Netflix premiere on March 25th, “Rewind” is poised to captivate audiences with its compelling storyline, stellar performances, and heartfelt moments. So mark your calendars, set your reminders, and get ready to embark on an unforgettable cinematic journey with “Rewind,” exclusively on Netflix.

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