Romualdez Allocates P40 Million for Kanlaon Eruption Victims

In response to President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr.’s directive for swift action by government agencies following the eruption of Kanlaon Volcano in Negros, House Speaker Martin Romualdez has allocated P40 million in aid from the Speaker’s Assistance Fund for the residents affected by the volcanic activity.

Mt. Kanlaon

Speaker Romualdez promptly coordinated with the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) and the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) to designate P20 million each from the Ayuda para sa Kapos ang Kita Program (AKAP) and the Tulong sa Employment for Our Disadvantaged/Displaced Workers (TUPAD) program. “These funds will provide much-needed support to affected residents in Negros Oriental and Negros Occidental, ensuring they have the resources to cope with the disruptions caused by the eruption of Kanlaon Volcano,” stated the House leader.

Romualdez emphasized the importance of immediate relief and assistance to those impacted by the eruption. The first district of Negros Oriental, represented by Rep. Jocelyn Limkaichong, and the fourth district of Negros Occidental, represented by Rep. Juliet Marie de Leon Ferrer, will each receive P10 million from AKAP and P10 million from TUPAD. This allocation is aimed at providing direct financial assistance and employment opportunities to the affected residents, mitigating the economic impact of the natural disaster.

The collaboration between Romualdez’s office, DSWD, and DOLE exemplifies the government’s commitment to delivering prompt and effective aid to disaster-stricken communities. The AKAP program will offer financial support to families in need, while TUPAD will create short-term employment opportunities, helping residents rebuild their lives and communities.

Mt. Kanlaon

Kanlaon Volcano’s eruption has disrupted daily life in Negros, causing evacuations and property damage. The government’s rapid response, spearheaded by Romualdez, underscores the importance of preparedness and quick action in the face of natural calamities. By providing substantial financial assistance and employment programs, the government aims to alleviate the immediate hardships faced by the affected communities and support their recovery and rebuilding efforts.

Romualdez’s initiative reflects a broader strategy of ensuring that aid reaches those in need swiftly and efficiently. This proactive approach not only addresses the current crisis but also sets a precedent for future disaster response efforts. The allocated funds are expected to be disbursed promptly, with local government units and agencies working together to ensure that assistance is delivered to those most in need.

Mt. Kanlaon

In conclusion, the P40 million aid package from the Speaker’s Assistance Fund facilitated through the AKAP and TUPAD programs, represents a crucial lifeline for the residents affected by the Kanlaon Volcano eruption. The coordinated efforts of government agencies and representatives highlight the commitment to providing immediate and effective relief, fostering resilience and recovery in the impacted communities.

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