Salome Salvi’s Wish for Dominic Roque

Amid the escalating issue surrounding Dominic Roque, the truth regarding the allegations thrown at him is slowly coming to light, particularly those attempts to link them to his breakup with Bea Alonzo. One of the issues revolves around his possession of a luxurious condominium, supposedly owned by a politician, when in fact, the said condominium is only rented by Dominic from Mayor and Tape Inc Executive Bullet Jalosjos for a monthly fee of 50,000 pesos.

Dominic Bong Bullet

Similarly, the issue regarding a gas station allegedly owned by Dominic Roque has been raised, with questions on how he acquired such properties given his career as a model. However, this matter was clarified by Former Congressman Bong Suntay, who owns Clean Fuel, stating that Dominic Roque does not own any gas station and is only their brand ambassador. Following this, the company released an official statement denouncing the false issue surrounding Dominic Roque.

Bullet Jalosjos and Bong Suntay added that Dominic had been their longtime friend, as they are members of the same motorcycle club and other prominent personalities in showbiz and politics.

Yesterday, Dominic Roque refuted the circulating edited quote, calling it fake news. According to the quote, “Guys never ever choose a girl who depends on your wealth and not on the love you can offer. I should have known this from the start. Lesson learned.” It was posted on a Facebook page called “Philippines Number 1 Page,” known for editing photos and creating stories to attract viewers, increase shares, and generate comments.


This quote also caught the attention of actress and adult content creator Salome Salvi after being shared by “Daily Chismis” On X Flatform, who expressed her wish that Dominic Roque would choose her instead because she is not picky. According to Salome’s post,”ayyy sakin ka na lang bhe, di ako choosy. “

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