Sandra Lemonon Receiving Death Threats? – Miss Universe Controversy

Sandra Lemonon Claims She’s Receiving Death Threats

SANDRA LEMONON DEATH THREATS – Taguig’s representative Sandra Lemonon claimed receiving threats to her life after sparking controversy regarding Miss Universe.

After Rabia Mateo was crowned Miss Universe Philippines, several controversies and allegations were brought forth. Among the people who stirred the pot was Sandra Lemonon.

Sandra, who finished in the Top 16 shared a screenshot of a conversation she had with Miss Manila, Alexandra Abdon. In the photo, Sandra claimed that people are sending her death threats and that’s she’s stupid.

Sandra Lemonon Receiving Death Threats? – Miss Universe Controversy

Along with this, she added that all she wants is to “protect” her fellow candidates and have fair treatment.

Sandra Lemonon Receiving Death Threats? – Miss Universe Controversy

Earlier, Sandra shared several cryptic messages on her social media accounts, supposedly linked to the pageant. “Get ready loves, tomorrow I will be announcing big news, it’s time to be honest & speak fact“, she said.

“Accepting defeat graciously is one of many mark of being a queen but what you forgot to say is that REAL queens Play FAIR don’t CHEAT“, she wrote in another story.

Meanwhile, as a response to the controversy, the Director of Miss Universe Philippines, Shamcey Supsup posted a message on her Instagram story saying:

To bear defeat with dignity with poise, to receive honors with humility – these are the marks of a true beauty queen

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