Sharon and Gabby’s Wedding Goes Viral, Draws Massive Crowd

Thousands of Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion fans still can’t get over their Dear Heart Concert. Even now, posts about them continue to surface, and one of them is a video of their wedding, which is perhaps one of the grandest weddings in the Philippines, attended by a multitude of people.

Dear Heart

Were you also one of the young people from the ’80s and ’90s? Did you admire, anticipate, and get thrilled by the movies of Gabby and Sharon? If you are one of those, you surely experienced a throwback to their love team, even though they now have their own families. The chemistry between them still resonates with people, especially their die-hard fans.

Dear Heart Concert

Aside from being famous, Sharon’s family is well-known, particularly her father, Pablo Cuneta, who served as mayor of Pasay for a long time. Perhaps it’s because of his good governance in Pasay that people have such deep affection for him and even extend that love to Sharon. Her mother, Elaine Gamboa, is the sister of Helen Gamboa, the wife of Former Senator Tito Sotto. This connection played a significant role in Sharon’s career, with Tito, Vic, and Joey being instrumental, especially Joey De Leon, who wrote some of her songs, including “Mr. DJ,” as Joey was known to be a Disc Jockey before becoming an artist.

Dear Heart

We all know Sharon and Gabby’s on-screen romance turned into a real marriage, but they eventually separated due to alleged third-party involvement. Despite this, their fans never left them, and even now, many are still enamored by their Dear Heart Concert from the past. Because of this, numerous throwback photos and videos have emerged, including a viral video of their wedding at the Manila Cathedral, where thousands of people eagerly waited to glimpse the couple.

I, too, am amazed at the crowd and find it delightful to see other personalities attending their wedding, like Sharon’s parents and Herman Moreno, among many others. Here is the said viral video, and I’m sure you will also be fascinated by the sheer number of people present.

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