SOLD: Daniel Padilla’s Luxury Sports Car Finds a New Owner

Franz Akeem Aldover of F2A Cars revealed in his Facebook post that Daniel Padilla’s car has been sold. According to Franz, Tito Paldo is the new owner, and the car has been transferred to Angeles City, Pampanga.

Daniel Padilla Sports Car Already Sold

In his Facebook post, Franz Akeem Aldover shared a picture of the car with its new owner, Tito Paldo. He described the relocation of the vehicle to Angeles City, Pampanga, sparking significant discussions within the online community.

One aspect of Franz’s post that he emphasized was his message to the new owner of the Corvette. He expressed the significance of the car as a ‘one of a kind’ vehicle, hoping that the new owner would take good care of it.

In recent days, the post of Pinoy Pawnstars Boss Toyo went viral concerning negotiations on the purchase price of the mentioned car. According to reports, they did not agree on the six million pesos Boss Toyo offered, as he only extended an offer of 5.8 million pesos for the prestigious luxury sports car.

Daniel Padilla Sports Car Sold

Some people have said that this Corvette is not only owned by Daniel Padilla but also by Kathryn Bernardo. Because of this, many speculate that the car holds special memories and experiences for both of them.

The transfer of ownership of Daniel Padilla’s car has become a topic of discussion on social media, serving as a platform to convey the message from the car’s previous owner about its significance and the importance of taking care of it. With the Corvette now in the hands of its new owner, it has become a part of a new chapter in the car’s story and the individuals who own it.

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