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Super Tekla Back to Bad Habits, Reconciles with Michelle Banaag

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Super Tekla Allegedly Reconcile with Michelle Banaag and Back to His Bad Habits

Comedian Super Tekla allegedly get back to his bad habits and reconciled with his ex-girlfriend Michelle Banaag.

Super Tekla’s life update was revealed by seasoned entertainment reporter Cristy Fermin in her program “Cristy Ferminute.” The columnist claims that Tekla returned to both his addictions and his ex-girlfriend.

Super Tekla Michelle Banaag

You might remember that in Raffy Tulfo’s program in 2020, the two are on the verge of filing a lawsuit. The argument between Tekla and Michelle was one of the topics that internet users discussed.

Tekla was slammed on social media, according to Michelle, who accused the comedian of doing horrible things. However, the sympathies of the online community quickly moved to Tekla because they had also seen negative things about Michelle.

Michelle received criticism from online users since even her relatives were still residing in Tekla’s unclean home. It was stated that Tekla and Michelle reconciled after two years.

The news that Tekla has resumed gambling following a successful career as a vlogger coincides with this. Michelle is currently carrying her second kid (child).

The reason behind the story is that many people have aided Tekla. According to Cristy Fermin, he is alleged to have returned to his vice.

“Dalawang bisyo ‘yun, isang bisyo na itatapon natin dahil wala namang nagagawang maganda kahit sinong gumagamit,” she added.

One of Fermin’s co-hosts claimed to have personally observed Tekla resume gambling at the casino. Tekla has not yet confirmed the rumors that he and the person who nearly destroyed his reputation are back together.

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