Susan Roces Manager Received This Message from Her Before She Died

Manager of Susan Roces Received This Message from Actress Before She Died

The manager of late veteran actress Susan Roces allegedly received a message from the actress before she died.

Dolor Guevarra, Susan Roces’ manager, revealed that the veteran actress gave a hint regarding her death a few days before she died. Susan died of cardio-respiratory arrest on May 20, 2022, at Cardinal Santos Memorial Medical Center in San Juan City.

Susan Roces Manager

It was the ninth day after the veteran actress died on May 28. On the ninth day of Susan Roces’ death, May 28, 2022, at 6 p.m., Zoom will hold a digital novena in her honor.

Fully 8:46 p.m. Susan looked to be waiting for her manager to come at the hospital when she died away. Susan passed away three minutes after Dolor and her two children, Jaypee and Anes, arrived to bid her farewell.

Dolor and her children are considered family members by Susan. Susan is believed to converse with Dolor on the phone all the time. Susan allegedly informed Dolor she had a premonition a few days before she died.

“Pagod na ako, 80 years old na naman na ako,” Susan told Dolor, according to the report.

Senator Grace Poe had already written the official statement concerning her mother’s absence when Susan died. However, Dolor received a succession of phone calls and text messages while they were still in the hospital after former actor Renzo Cruz, the late actress’s nephew, wrote on Facebook earlier.

Susan began her acting career in 1956 with Sampaguita Pictures. She plays Dulce Lukban, a former actress and Pops Fernandez’s mother, in the film. “Miss Tilapia” (1956), “Maruja” (1967), and “Patayin Sa Sindak si Barbara” are some of the Queen of Philippine Films’ most famous works (1974).

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