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Lea Salonga Hits Theatergoers For Rude Behavior.

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Lea to Rude Theatergoers: No One Likes a Rude Audience.

Rude Theatergoers.Award-winning Broadway star Lea Salonga took to Twitter to express her dismay with audience members whom she described do not observe proper behavior while watching a stage production.

Lea Salonga hits to rude theatergoers.

While at Solair Resort and Casino, Salonga noted how some theatergoers were talking and burping to which she later took to Twitter to hit back.

In her first post, the Broadway start left a meaty line saying that some could buy premium seats but could not afford class.

To her disappointment, Salonga also shared through her posts some rules to which she noted that people should observe while inside the theater.

She said that no one likes a rude audience and that using of phone instead of watching a play or a musical is being rude. She referred also to the theatergoers who sing along with the performers.

“The rest of the audience paid to hear THE CAST sing. Not you,” she posted.

Salonga too explained that the rules she posted while watching a play entail not only respecting the cast working hard on stage but also respecting the fellow audience members.

Filipino-American theater actress Eva Nobleza and singer Rachelle Ann Go who plays Fantine in the Manila run of “Les Miserables” also shared the same sentiment with Salonga.

“Les Miserables” will run in manila at The Theatre at Solaire until May 1. The producers, after announcing the extension of the play, also said that those who plan to watch the evening performances of the musical on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will get a chance to meet the cast in the lobby after the show.

The play which opened in London back in 1985 was finally back in Manila and now a hit with its melodramatic story, pop-operatic score and epic sweep.

Despite its heavy story, the play however showcases the talent of the present cast in the Manila run.



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