Toni Rose Gayda Opens Up About Vic Sotto’s Attempt to Court Her During “Eat Bulaga” Days

Former “Eat Bulaga” host Toni Rose Gayda recently revealed an intriguing detail about her time on the iconic Filipino noontime show. In an interview with Julius Babao on Thursday, Feb. 22, Gayda disclosed that Vic Sotto, popularly known as Bossing, once expressed his interest in courting her.

Vic Toni Rose

Despite Sotto’s advances, Gayda made the decision not to entertain the idea of a romantic relationship with her co-worker. She cited the challenges of navigating a relationship within the confines of a professional setting, stating, “Hindi ko pinayagan… Mahirap kung karelasyon mo ‘yung kasama mo, mahirap lalo for me kasi nga sabi ko selosa ako” (I didn’t allow it… It’s difficult when your partner is also your colleague, especially for me because I admit I’m jealous).

Gayda’s tenure on “Eat Bulaga” spanned nearly 18 years, making her a familiar face to Filipino viewers across generations. However, in 2014, she departed from the show to prioritize her family responsibilities. Despite her departure, Gayda expressed deep gratitude for the opportunity to work alongside the esteemed trio of TV hosts: Joey De Leon, Vic Sotto, and Tito Sotto.

This revelation adds an interesting layer to the history of “Eat Bulaga,” a program that has served as a staple of Filipino entertainment for decades. The dynamics between the hosts on and off-screen have long fascinated viewers, and Gayda’s disclosure offers a glimpse into the personal interactions that have shaped the show’s legacy.

It also underscores the challenges that can arise when navigating relationships in the workplace, particularly in high-profile environments like the entertainment industry. Gayda’s decision to prioritize professional boundaries reflects a thoughtful approach to maintaining a healthy work environment, despite the potential for personal entanglements.

Moreover, Gayda’s openness about her experience with Sotto highlights the complexities of celebrity relationships and the scrutiny that often accompanies them. Even seemingly innocuous interactions can become the subject of public interest, demonstrating the unique pressures those in the spotlight face.

Gayda’s revelation serves as a reminder of the human dynamics at play behind the scenes of beloved television programs. As fans continue to reminisce about the golden era of “Eat Bulaga,” anecdotes like these offer a deeper understanding of the relationships that have shaped its enduring legacy.

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