Labor Day: The Origin Of The Celebration Every May 1


This is the origin of the Labor Day every May 1

Labor Day is celebrated every May 1 of the year in almost all corners of the world and here is the origin of the celebration.

For some, it is just another holiday to rest from work, to unwind, to spend time with family and friends. However, history tells a deeper story of how the occasion occurred.

labor day origin
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Based on the article from Interaksiyon, the International Day of Labor started in 1886. That was the time when labor socialist groups in America demanded an eight-hour workday and fair wage on May 1 of that year.

This resulted in a bloody confrontation. A bomb exploded in Haymarket Square in Chicago, where the labor movement gathered.

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Several Marxist and communist figures such as Friedrich Engels, Vladimir Lenin, and Rosa Luxembourg recognized the May 1 as an important day in the proletarian struggle starting in the year 1890.

labor day origin
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Following that, the Paris Congress of socialist groups acknowledged the first of May as a day for workers. Other parts of the globe called it Labor Day while some referred to it as May Day.

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In the Philippines, the Philippine Assembly passed a bill on April 8, 1908, which declared that the 1st of May is a national holiday in celebration of the Labor Day, based on the article.

Every year, labor groups gathered to air their grievances and they are pushing their rights as workers in the Philippines.

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