Rainy Season: 8 Safety Tips Everyone Should Remember


Here are the 8 safety tips for the rainy season

Everyone should remember these 8 safety tips for the coming of the rainy season in the Philippines.

When summer is about to end, the rainy season is just around the corner. So, take time to remember these safety tips for you and your loved ones.

rainy season safety tips

#1 Always bring an umbrella

Remember to bring an umbrella when going out. Sometimes rain has a good way of surprising people. It is good to be ready.

#2 Cancel unimportant plans or errands

When the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) announces the storm warning, don’t hesitate to cancel your unimportant plans and errands. You can set another day for those, anyway.

#3 Secure fully-charged cellphone and powerbank

Make sure you have a fully-charged phone and powerbank when you leave your house. In case you will be stranded, you can easily contact your family or call the emergency hotlines.

#4 Avoid rush hour commute

Don’t go with the flow of commuters during rush hour, especially that it is more difficult to commute during rainy season.

#5 Prepare an overnight/emergency kit

Make sure to have travel-sized toiletries, medicine, extra shirt, under garments in your overnight/emergency kit. This is useful when you will get stranded at work.

#6 Secure important documents

Put all your important documents in ziploc bags, especially for those in flood-prone areas.

#7 Prepare extra

When going to work, bring at least two plastic bags (the big one is for your bag while the smaller one is for your things), t-shirt, and slippers or rubber boots.

#8 Discuss survival plan with loved ones

Take time to talk with your loved ones your safety measures when the situation gets worst.

Stay safe this rainy season.

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