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Ferdinand Marcos: Intriguing Facts About The Former Philippine President

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Here are the intriguing facts about former President Ferdinand Marcos

There are quite a few intriguing facts about former President Ferdinand Marcos who is known for his declaration of Martial Law in the whole Philippines.

ferdinand marcos
Photo source: Philstar

Religious affiliation

As a child, Marcos was baptized in Aglipayan or Philippine Independent Church. However, he embraced Catholicism in order to marry Imelda Romualdez. They got married first in a civil ceremony in Baguio City and was followed by a church wedding at the Pro-Cathedral of San Miguel in Manila.


The classmates of Marcos called him “Ferdi”. In the class yearbook of University of the Philippines High School, he was described as “having a simple demeanor, interested in debates and discussions in which he outshone all.”

He topped the 1939 Bar Examinations (with near-perfect score) despite being in jail for 27 days. Even the late Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago attested to his sharp memory.

ferdinand marcos

Santiago had this statement during an interview:

“One time, the Secretary of Justice forgot to tell me that the President had requested him to draft a speech….”said Miriam during an interview with the Philippine Star.

“And then, on the day the President was to deliver the speech, he suddenly remembered because Malacañang was asking for the speech, so he said, ‘This is an emergency. You just have to produce something.’

…He (Marcos) liked long speeches. I think that was 20 or 25 pages. And then, in the evening, I was there, of course. President Marcos recited the speech from memory.”

His successor

Reportedly, the former President wanted Ninoy Aquino to be his successor. Ex-Master Sgt. Pablo Martinez confirmed that Ninoy was indeed chosen by Marcos to be the next in line. According to a report, this angered some of the president’s allies and led to the plotting of the assassination.

Martial Law

It was said that when Martial Law was declared, more people joined the New People’s Army (NPA). In addition, reports stated that President Richard Nixon knew the plan of Marcos even before he declared the Martial Law.

Medals from wars

Bonifacio Gillego, a military officer who resisted martial law, said that 11 out of 33 medals that Marcos claimed he got from WWII was just given to him when he was already the Senate President. It was said that during that time he was already preparing for the presidential campaign.

ferdinand marcos

The “Omega 12”

These names were reportedly behind Ferdinand Marcos during the time that he declared the Martial Law. They were called Omega 12 because, reportedly, the former president gave the Omega watches.

  • Defense Minister Juan Ponce Enrile,
  • Philippine Constabulary chief Maj. Gen. Fidel V. Ramos,
  • National Intelligence Security Authority chief Maj. Gen. Fabian Ver,
  • Lt. Col. Eduardo “Danding” Cojuangco, Jr.
  • Army chief Maj. Gen. Rafael Zagala,
  • Constabulary vice-chief Brig Gen. Tomas Diaz,
  • Armed Forces Chief of Staff Gen. Romeo Espino,
  • Air Force chief Maj. Gen. Jose Rancudo,
  • Navy chief Rear Admiral Hilario Ruiz,
  • ISAFP chief Brig. Gen. Ignacio Paz,
  • Metrocom chief Brig Gen. Alfredo Montoya, and
  • Rizal province Constabulary head Col. Romeo Gatan.

Kalayaan Island

Marcos bought the Kalayaan island from Tomas Cloma, seafaring adventurer and owner of a fishing business, for only Php 1.

First Philippine-made rocket

On September 1975, four “bongbong” rockets (obviously named after Marcos’ son) were successfully launched. This was part of the “Project Santa Barbara” which was participated by a group of scientists and the Philippine Navy.

Marcos had this statement regarding this: “The defense of the Philippines cannot be left to alliance with other countries. We must assume that there will be contingencies where even the United States may not be ready to come to our assistance.”

He’s a saint for some people

A group of peasants in Ilocos Norte and in the mountains of Abra province worship Ferdinand Marcos like a saint.

Watch this video.

Last day in Malacañang

Ferdinand Marcos asked U.S. Sen. Paul Laxalt, one of the observers in the February 7 snap elections, if he should step down or not. This was after the people opposed that he won the snap elections.

The US senator, reportedly said to Marcos: “I think you should cut. And cut cleanly. The time has come.”

ferdinand marcos

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