Why Many People Consider Friday The 13th As The Most Unlucky Day?


This is the reason why many people consider Friday the 13th as the most unlucky day of the year based on the recorded happenings.

As it is Friday the 13th, many people are taking extra precaution because they consider this as the most unlucky day in the entire year.

But how did this belief started to come into people’s knowledge and how it gained popularity over the years?

13th Friday
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Based on the article published in The Sun, human race has started to consider Friday the 13th as unlucky hundreds of years ago.

It was said that this belief even started in the Middle Ages or Biblical Times.

There were those who said that it all started during the last supper of Jesus which showed that there were 13 people during that night before his death and he died on Friday.

The belief of people about this unlucky day even grew stronger as string of unfortunate events was recorded in history.

According to the article, the mysterious death of famous rapper Tupak Shakur, Costa Concordia and a Buckingham Palace bombing all happened in Friday the 13th.

Last January 13, which also fell on Friday, it was said that some unlucky events were also recorded.

It was said that some people believed that the end of the world will happen that time.

The famous ‘The Exorcist’ writer William Peter Blatty died on the said day and it was followed by the death of the Catholic priest who inspired the said iconic horror film.

The Exorcist

Aside from that, it was also said that the child who played Damien in ‘The Omen’ arrived at court during that day for sentencing due a road rage he was involved.

Friday the 13th this April is not the last unlucky day this year which many consider to be, this will also take place on July.

Some people grew a fear over this date and psychologists call it as “paraskavedekatriaphobia”, based on the article.


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