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Ninoy Aquino: Intriguing Facts About The Late Senator

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These are the intriguing facts about late Senator Ninoy Aquino

Ninoy Aquino or Benigno Aquino S. Aquino Jr. is definitely one of the most famous Filipinos ever lived and here are some intriguing facts about him.

ninoy aquino

He and Imelda Marcos dated

In his early 20s, Ninoy served as an escort to Miss Philippines winner and townmate Maria Cristina Galang in 1953 at the Philippine International Fair. His mother Aurora was named the Lakambini (Maid of Honor) in a local pageant in 1927.

He was quite used to be surrounded by beauty queens. Based on the article from Filipiknows, Ninoy used to date Imelda Marcos before Cory came.

Fake wound from Korean War?

Ninoy Aquino was the youngest Korean War correspondent. When he went back to the country, it was alleged that he just made up his wound on his upper lip because he was ashamed that he did not get any scratch from the war.

ninoy aquino

He was behind Luis Taruc’s surrender

Huk Supremo Luis Taruc who was hiding in the mountains of Central Luzon when Ninoy became the adviser of President Magsaysay.

Their negotiations lasted for four months and after that, Taruc decided to surrender. Ninoy got his second Philippine Legion of Honor with the degree of Commander for his success.

He denounced Imelda in one of his best speeches

Ninoy criticized Imelda for her pet project, the P50-million peso Cultural Center of the Philippines. For the late Senator, CCP was the “monument to shame” because it was built during the time that many Filipinos are suffering from poverty.

He even tagged the former First Lady as the Filipino version of Eva Peron, the wife of Argentine dictator Juan Peron.

ninoy aquino

Martial Law

He predicted that the Martial Law will happen four years before it actually took place. However, during an interview in December of 1972, he revealed that he was a supporter of Martial Law.

In order to show his determination for reform, Ninoy could have declared Martial Law also when he became president.

Reportedly, the late Senator said that “he would personally order the partitioning of his wife’s family’s vast Hacienda Luisita.”

His alias, Marcial Bonifacio, also came from Martial Law. Marcial for Martial and Bonifacio for Fort Bonifacio where he was incarcerated.

He used that alias on his passport in order to come back to the country.

Ninoy almost gave up

Reportedly, the late Senator almost gave up to Ferdinand Marcos for the sake of his family. According to the article, Kris Aquino also confirmed this. It was said that Ninoy almost signed a paper while he was in jail stating that he admits all the charges against him.

ninoy aquino ferdinand marcos

However, reportedly, his father-in-law assured him not to worry and just continue his fight.

He was alive after he was shot?

Ninoy Aquino wore a bulletproof vest when he came back to the country but he admitted that it was only for his body.

Based on the article, he could have been alive after he was shot.

ninoy aquino

The Sandiganbayan found that AVSECOM personnel hit the senator in the head while they were on their way to the hospital because they “thought that he was still alive and might survive.”

What can you say about this?

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Photos courtesy of Inquirer and Filipiknows


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