10 Most Beautiful Young Female Celebrity in the Philippines


10 Fast-rising young Filipina Female Stars in the Philippines’ Showbiz Industry.

10 most beautiful young Filipina celebrity in the Philippines is now the Hot trend in the Philippines.

August 12, 2016, the video was posted on Youtube that showed the 10 beautiful young rising stars in the Philippines. The video showed the list of the young celebrity stars in the Philippines from different TV networks.

In the Philippines, there’s a lot of beautiful stars when it comes to beauty. The 10 list of the Stars are now taking the social media by storm.

These young female stars who independently managed to make their mark in the showbiz industry usually stays and plays a significant role in the entertainment industry. Some of these stars started out early and some even had to wait for their time to literally shine before the adoring screams and fascinations of the fans became theirs.

In the Philippines, there is a very tough competition when it comes to actresses. There are so many talents and stars available but only a few manages to win the hearts of the crowd and the masses.

Here is the top 10 list of the most beautiful, fast rising young Filipina Female Stars in the Philippines’ Showbiz Industry.

10. Myrtle Sarrosa

Myrtle Sarrosa was known after being declared the Pinoy Big Brother. She’s an actress, cosplayer, host and recording artist.

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