Depreciation Of Philippine Peso: How Can We Possibly Assess It?


The depreciation of Philippine peso has recently been a concern on the center ground.

DEPRECIATION – Recently news reports have raised concerns on the depreciation of the Philippine peso.

Previously, it has been reported that the month of September has brought the Philippine peso the largest loss in sixteen years. This undeniably became a public concern on whether it is an indication of something good or bad.

An article has recently been posted in Rappler by JC Punongbayan discussing on the certain factors that should be considered in viewing the depreciation of the Philippine peso.

In the article, there are three major points that were given attention: the graphical data that shows the momentum of the Philippine peso since year 2000 and the differences between ‘depreciate’ and ‘appreciate’.

1. Graphical Data

In here, the writer made an emphasis that the Philippine peso has really been depreciating since 2013.

Photo lifted from Rappler


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