Jollibee Apologizes To Public Over Mascot’s ‘Versace on the Floor’ Dance Performance


The dance performance of Jollibee mascot went viral.

JOLLIBEE – The Jollibee Foods Corp already expressed an apology to the public over the dance performance of one of its mascots in an internal event.

Based on a recent report in ABS-CBN News, Jollibee Foods Corp’s public relations director Arline Adeva, in a statement, said that the food chain wants to apologize to the people who felt disappointed over the video that crossed the social media.

Adeva refers to the video wherein Jollibee could be seen dancing to the tune of ‘Versace on the Floor” by famous singer Bruno Mars.

Screengrabbed from the Video Posted by Tanner Mata on Facebook

The public relations director also stressed the company’s apology to the young fans of the food chain.

According to Adeva, the dance performance of the mascot “is a deviation from the standard mascot and party guidelines” may it be in kids party held in the fast food chain or internal events.

Based on the news report, Adeva expressed in a statement that inside their fast food chain, only “wholesome” performances are permitted.

In a previous news report from the same source, it is stated that the video posted by Pinoy Big Brother’s former housemate Tanner Mata went viral online.

The said video was viewed not less than three million times and its shares will not fall below 80,000 as of the writing.

Lots of netizens also dropped comments to the post.

According to a netizen, the mascot is really ‘cute’.

One netizen stated in a comment that Jollibee is not just for the kids as they can also manage party packages for the adults.

Meanwhile, lots of netizens expressed in a comment that this kind of dancing is not allowed based on the rules and the standards of the company.

In a comment to the post, one netizen who claimed that she was a marketing in-charge of the said fast food chain before raised a question on how was it permitted to happen.


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