10 Things About Filipinos That Other Races Love And Hate


Here are the top 10 things about Filipinos that may make other races love or hate them

It is inevitable that that other races in the world both hate and love the Filipino people, so here is the 10 things which annoys them or make Pinoy even more adorable to them.

Based on the website of thetoptens.com, here are the top 10 in its list of things you should know about Filipinos.

10 Things about Filipinos
(The Philippine Star)
  1. Filipinos are warm and hospitable to all races

There is no further explanation for this because Pinoys are really amiable to foreigners in their country. One netizen commented that Filipinos welcome refugees always.

  1. Filipinos are very flexible and can adjust to any situation

There is a saying in Filipino which says “kung maikli ang kumot, matuto kang mamaluktot”. This goes to show that the brown race is capable of adjusting to whatever situation.

  1. Filipinos have strong family ties

This is one thing that is really evident in the eyes of foreigners, especially if they spent or living in the country for a long time. One netizen even commented that this trait is something that will make someone wants to spend time with Filipinos.

  1. They are bad liars

A netizen cited the things that prove that Filipinos are bad liars such as concealing about the real age, post fake profile photos on social media and the money a Filipino really has.

  1. Filipinos have fought too much for their democracy

The Philippines was invaded by Spain, Japan and USA. During the times of colonization, Juan Dela Cruz had been trying so hard to obtain freedom and democracy.

  1. They always vote corrupt politicians as president

One netizen said that it should not be generalized because Filipinos are hoping that who they voted will help mitigate the problems in the country while the other one said that this is true in most cases.

  1. Filipinos have contributed great things to the world history from inventions to social movements

Netizens who commented on this disagreed with this thing in the top 10 things you should know about Filipinos.

  1. Most Filipinos are fluent in English

This has been tagged to Filipinos for a long time now and a netizen agreed on this saying that there are Filipinos in rural areas who can speak English well without formal education while another one said that it is because people in the Philippines are taught to copy Americans at a young age.

  1. Filipinos are naturally positive people

A netizen agreed on this based on experience while there is one who disagreed and said that Filipinos are just using this for hidden agenda.

  1. Pinoy Pride is so annoying

Based on the commenters in the website, Filipinos are overreacting when a Pinoy or with a Filipino blood make it big outside the Philippines. For them it is like an act of making other races to notice the brown race.


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