Haunted Malacañang: Compilation Of The Palace’s Ghost Stories


Malacañang has been continuously visited by the different ghosts that makes the palace haunted.

Haunted – Malacañang has long been rumored as a dwelling place of different ghosts as some of the former presidents have divulged their experiences during their stay on the haunted palace.

Ghosts are not plebeian stories but when connected to the palace, it becomes something. Different experiences gave a punch to the veracity of the reports telling that Malacañang is a home of so many strange experiences that can never be explained.

One famous ghost story is about the barber of the former Pres. Manuel L. Quezon. Jamie Licauco, a paranormal expert whom the former Pres. Ferdinand Marcos contacted during his term, shared about Marcos’ experiences in the palace.

In a report in ABS-CBN, Jamie said that there was a time that Marcos told him that he saw the ghost of the barber of former President Quezon and he was walking around the big house.

Jamie further shared that former First Lady Imelda Marcos also said once that her husband was able to converse with the ghost of Pres. Quezon’s barber.

Jamie also said that the dictator also once got to shared to him how Imee and Irene saw the ghost themselves which made them tremble and run in fear.

Another story is that of the strange sound of footsteps in the palace. In Presidential Museum and Library, former Press Secretary Ignacio Bunye has got to shared how he once experienced strange footsteps which seem to follow him.

Mysterious ghosts with no faces were also rumored to be residing in the palace along with the guard in the Balete tree – a giant who smokes his cigar. Ghosts of the dead presidents were also seen in Malacañang based on the documentary.

Employees of the palace also have their own share of experience as they refer to the woman in black dress who haunts the place aside from the ghost of a boy in the comfort room for men.

Other ghosts were referred to the souls of the victims of the second World War as Malacañang once besame a headquarter by the armies of Japan.

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