Boss Toyo of Pinoy Pawnstars Offer to Buy ‘Viral na Pader for Ivana Alawi’

Recently, a wall with the inscription “Bawal Umihi Dito Pero si Ivana Alawi Pwede” (No Urinating Here, But Ivana Alawi is Allowed) went viral, garnering thousands of likes and shares on various social media platforms. It even caught the attention of Ivana Alawi herself.

Ivana Alawi

In the past few weeks, this wall became a topic of discussion once again when Ivana Alawi personally visited it in Bulacan to have a conversation with Armando, who wrote it. Armando warmly welcomed Ivana, bringing a bouquet of flowers to give to her. Armando couldn’t explain the joy he felt at this moment, especially considering he had maintained this wall for almost two years. Because the inscription states that only Ivana Alawi is allowed to urinate there, Ivana made it her goal to attempt urinating there, even bringing her own portable toilet for her convenience.

The meeting between Ivana and Mang Armando was filled with happiness, and afterward, Ivana gave Mang Armando 50,000 pesos as a token of appreciation. Mang Armando could hardly believe it and repeatedly asked if it was real.

Boss Toyo

This caught the attention of Boss Toyo from Pinoy Pawnstars. Boss Toyo is known for buying and selling valuable items related to famous people or objects that have historical significance, such as his collections displayed in his store, including expensive jewelry worth millions of pesos.

Boss Toyo and Mang Armando

In a video, Boss Toyo can be seen holding a sledgehammer and speaking with Mang Armando to negotiate the wall purchase, despite a joking offer from Mang Armando to sell it for 50 million pesos. In the end, Boss Toyo said to stay tuned for the outcome of their negotiation.

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