Words Of Duterte: Remarkable In Mind And In Heart – Strong And Striking

President Rodrigo Duterte, known as “Digong” was known in his way of talking with harsh words and even spitting curses in front of media. But despite the fact that he has a dirty mouth, the words of Digong is undeniably strong and striking when it comes to his dream of cleansing the country in corruption and in lawless people. We want to show you these famous lines of Duterte that words are not just remarkable to the people’s mind but will remain in people’s heart.

He has shown the people his bravery through his words and actions, sometimes people misunderstood him as a monster. Little of us know that the President has a big heart for his people and is willing to sacrifice even his own life just to give the country a clean governance.

Amidst the fact that the president is known by that way, his words can be an inspiration for the people who have the same perception to have clean government. Many people criticize him for having a bad mouth and blinding themselves for the capability of the person to do something in order to lift up our dying country.

duterte famous line 2

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