Andanar: ‘We will be releasing new web products soon’

Malacañang announced releasing of new web products soon.

Malacañang – Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar announced that new web products will be released soon.

The online platforms has become one of the fastest way to retrieve important updates and as well as spread the latest news. In fact, the government, public and private agencies, and as well as other firms have considered making and owning online sites.

In the case of the government, the online sites managed by the Malacañang Palace has become a source of many researchers and journalists in coming up with certain updates to inform the citizenry.

Photo Courtesy of Phil Star Global

Furthermore, the sites also served as a confirmation site for the people. It is through it that the citizenry can confirm the veracity of certain news and as well as keep up with the activities of the administration.

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