Santos Refers To Marcos Sr.’s Issue: ‘We cannot move on. History is unfinished.’

Aida Santos expresses sentiment in anti-Marcos assembly.

SANTOS – In the anti-Marcos assembly held at Rizal Park, a woman named Aida Santos made a loud remark on the stand against the interment of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos Sr. at Libingan ng mga Bayani.

Santos is a member of the group of victims during the Martial Law under Marcos Regime who filed a case and won against the late dictator. Their group is named Claimants 1081 – report in Inquirer states.

According to the her, “We cannot move on. History is unfinished. It repeats itself.” She further added that she has no belief in the idea that history should be left in the past for everything was already done. To her, history continues.

Anti-Marcos Assembly
Photo lifted from Inquirer – Eloisa Lopez

The assembly held in at Rizal Park fairly hopes that President Rodrigo Duterte would change his mind with regards to the late dictator’s burial. Nevertheless, as expressed in the previous report, it was a formal assembly and does not intend to bring chaos.

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