Vice Ganda’s Laughter Went Viral After Uttering the Words “E Rereport Kita”

Vice Ganda’s laughter went viral after mentioning the words “I will report you,” coincidentally during the disappearance of the social media account of the self-proclaimed motivational speaker, Rendon Labador. This brought joy to many netizens.

Vice Ganda Tawa

It’s worth remembering that Rendon Labador had criticized the actions of the partners Vice Ganda and Ion Perez during the “isip bata” (childish) segment on It’s Showtime when they ate cake. Labador’s comments caught the attention of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB), leading to a 12-day suspension of the show.

Rendon On It's Showtime Suspension

The suspension of It’s Showtime sparked discussion, with many netizens and viewers of the show reacting. Perhaps, many of them reported Labador’s social media page, which eventually led to the disappearance of his pages, a saddening turn of events for him as a content creator.

The MTRCB’s handling of the suspension became controversial due to MTRCB chair Lala Sotto, the daughter of former senator Tito Sotto, who is also a host of the noontime show E.A.T, which competes with It’s Showtime. However, the MTRCB clarified that Lala Sotto had no involvement in the 12-day suspension of It’s Showtime as she recused herself from the deliberations.

Lala Sotto Family

It’s Showtime has submitted a motion for reconsideration to the MTRCB to explain their side, as they did not believe they had violated any rules. It’s Showtime continues to air up to this day while waiting for the final decision of MTRCB.

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