GSIS CONSO-LOAN – Is Credit Card Required in Applying For It?

Guide on Whether Credit Card Is Needed in Applying for GSIS Conso-Loan or Not

GSIS CONSO-LOAN – Here is a guide on whether a credit card is required in applying for the said Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) loan offer or not.

Undeniably, nowadays, a lot of people have at least one (1) loan in a public or private entity. One of the main reasons is that many households are falling short of the monthly budget due to the increasing expenses.

Many also had no choice but to apply for a loan when an emergency crossed the surface. It is undeniable that loans are among those that provide a quick cash.

However, if you have a lot of loans, you are wasting a lot of money. You will have to pay multiple interest which could be an addition to your existing financial struggle. To help its members, the Government Service Insurance System has come up with GSIS Conso-Loan.

GSIS Conso-Loan

The said GSIS loan offer aims to consolidate several loans into a single loan. It may cover a salary loan, a restructured salary loan, an enhanced salary loan, an emergency loan assistance, and a summer one-month salary loan.

Who are eligible to apply for the said GSIS loan offer?

To be eligible to apply for it, the applicant must be:

  • an active member of the GSIS
  • a permanent / non-permanent member of the GSIS
  • having no pending administrative or criminal case
  • having no leave of absence without pay
  • having a net take home pay that is not below what is stated in the General Appropriations Act after the monthly loan due is deducted
  • qualified to a loan amount that is at least Php 15,000.00

Most loan offers require a credit card in applying. With regards to the GSIS Conso-Loan, there is no need for the applicant to be a credit card holder to be eligible for the said loan offer.

You may want an idea on how much you may borrow under the said GSIS loan offer and how to apply for it. Feel free to visit this page – GSIS CONSOLIDATED LOAN: List of Loanable Amounts Based on Contribution.

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