Home Credit Loan – How Much Will Be Your Monthly Due Based on Loan Amount

Guide on How Much Will Be Your Monthly Due Under Home Credit Loan

HOME CREDIT LOAN – Here is a guide on how much will be your monthly due based on the amount borrowed under the said Home Credit Philippines offer for phone purchase.

Every month, there are new units or models of mobile phones that are tempting us to change our phones. Undeniably, the new models or units bear excellent and irresistible features that offer utmost convenience and entertainment.

However, not everyone could afford to abruptly change a phone. If you will do it in cash, some phones will require you to pay at least Php 10,000.00 – that’s if you really want an excellent one.

Meanwhile, nowadays, you may turn to lending companies like Home Credit Philippines in buying a mobile phone. There is the Home Credit Standard Loan that you may apply for.

Home Credit Loan

Under the said loan offer, you may only pay for the downpayment and bring home your new phone. The usual cash-out is at least 20% of the selling price of the gadget plus the origination fee which is equal to three (3) percent of the financed amount.

With regards to the repayment of the loan, you may pay for it in six (6), nine (9), or twelve (12) months. The lending company allows only one (1) item per transaction. The application can be done personally or online.

Do you already have a target phone and you wanted to know how much you will have to pay for monthly under the Home Credit loan? You have to prepare these information first:

  • Price of the Target Phone
  • Your Downpayment
  • Length of Repayment / Loan Term

Do you now have the said information? To check on how much you will have to pay for monthly under the Home Credit Loan, you may visit – https://bit.ly/2McItne.

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