Piolo Pascual Allows A Special Girl In His Life To Handle His Finances


Piolo Pascual allows this special girl in his life to manage his finances

Kapamilya hunk actor Piolo Pascual has been single for a long time but there is a special girl in his life who handles his finances.

With all his success in the Philippines entertainment industry in his TV shows, movies and recordings, Piolo is one of the most wealthiest actor in the country nowadays.

He already invested with various properties here in the country and even abroad.

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Previously, it was revealed that the most expensive property he ever bought was his house in Malibu, California.

It costs $2.97 million or PHP 158.74 million.

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As they say, being in show business is just temporary, Piolo makes sure his finances is well-managed.

He revealed that there is a special girl in his life who handles this for him.

It is no other than his sister, Chiqui Pascual-Gonzales, as what was mentioned in the article published in Pilipino Star Ngayon.


Special girl in Piolo Pascual's life
(Photo source: Pilipino Star Ngayon)

“Like any other person, I want to give my family the best life possible. I am a man of my word, that’s why I work hard and seize every opportunity that comes my way,” he shared.

In line with this goal, Piolo said that he is not just focused on earning money but also in managing his finances, based on the article.

“But more than just earning money, it’s how you manage your finances that makes a difference. Fortunately, I have the guidance and help of one very special lady: my very own sister, Chiqui Pascual-Gonzales,” Piolo said.

It is a known fact in the showbiz industry that not all became wise of handling their money.

There were those who reached the stardom but eventually living a life of poverty because they did not manage their finances well.

Piolo Pascual is definitely wise in having his fallback even if he will retire from show business.


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