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Underlying Behaviors to Those Whose Lying Becomes A Habit

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Why do you need to lie? Does this can help you to become a better person?

There are a lot of underlying behaviors when you’re having a habit of lying. It could have a good and bad impact on your own being as a whole.

Lying Behaviors
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Here are some of lying behaviors that you may have when you keep on lying. Have a look.


Once you have self-control, you may tend to restrain from responding to situations on impulse. You may tend to lie (specifically self-oriented beneficial lies) for a fewer times in every interaction.

Concern for social desirability

The more you cared about being seen as socially desirable, the fewer self-oriented lies you may told to others. Once you start lying just for the benefit of yourself and other people may eventually find out, you may put your desirability at risk.


You, having more empathy, may lie for the purpose of bringing benefits to another person or protecting them from harm. The more empathetic you are, the more often you use other-oriented lies and Pareto lies.


You, being anxious enough, may tend to lie for the purpose of reducing your pain for some of discomforts you may be experiencing. The more you get anxious, the more self-oriented beneficial lies and self-oriented protective lies you may tell.


According to an article, this refers to manipulative type of people in order to achieve higher status or power. Once you have this kind of behavior, you may tend to use self-oriented beneficial lies for your own good.

Once you identify your underlying behaviors and you may keep on lying, you need to stop it. Your lies are still a lie.

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