Vicki Belo’s Beauty Empire Started With Regine Velasquez’s Acne Problem


Vicki Belo revealed that her beauty empire started with the acne problem of Regine Velasquez and the rest was history.

Celebrity doctor Vicki Belo is considered to be the doctor to the stars as her list of client includes several of the brightest celebrities in the country.

It may not be known to many that Belo started from a humble beginning and she, herself was first unconfident of her outside appearance.

She admitted that she felt insecure of how she looks before she was fat and her skin was not so good.

Vicki Belo

It was mentioned in an article published in ABS-CBN’s website that the first patient of Vicki Belo is actually herself.

She first tried all the treatments to herself before she introduced them to the market.

However, her beauty empire all started from the acne problem of Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez.

During the GoNegosyo forum for women entrepreneurs, Belo talked about how her business started from a simple beginning.

“Sinabi niya, thank you, Dr. Vicki Belo for fixing my skin,” the doctor related what the singer said to her. Velasquez used to have pimple on her back, according to her.

Regine Velasquez
(Showbiz Portal)

It was also said that the celebrity doctor was able to find treatment for acne after searching for doctors that who could cure her pimples.

Pushed by the insecurities, the rich doctor was able to find solutions through cosmetic treatments and thus her beauty empire was established.

Now, she has several clinics that cater from the needed beauty treatment of her patients which ranges from liposuction to face slimming and over-the-counter cosmetics.

“Play to your weakness,” she said as an advice to all the aspiring entrepreneurs.

“Partner ko talaga ang Diyos. Wala naman talaga special sa akin. I don’t think nobody would have voted for me most likely to succeed,” Vicki Belo revealed, based on the article.


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